02 November 2016

Royal State Visit of the Day: November 2

Psst: Looking for the British state visit from Colombia, complete with tiaras? It's up at the Jewel Vault.

Another day, another jewel unearthed from the depths of the Dutch jewel vault by Queen Máxima (several of you have emailed me about this piece, and I thank you for that). Queen Juliana had a necklace of turquoise, gold, diamonds, and pearls with a heart-shaped pendant that can double as a brooch. She loaned it to Princess Christina for her engagement announcement in 1975, and it seems to have disappeared since then. UNTIL NOW.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima landed in Perth this week to kick off state visits to Australia and New Zealand.
I can see why it disappeared; it's a statement piece, and longer necklaces aren't quite as easy to wear. (I personally ADORE it, because I have developed a love for turquoise and for pieces with big impact, and would toss it on with jeans in a heartbeat.) But Máxima's managed it here, and it actually elevates this Mattijs van Bergen dress. This is some high level magpie skill. Respect.

After donning a big hat and a repeated dress for a day at the races, she went fairly neon for the next day.
You're going to have a tough time selling me on bright coral orange in the first place, let alone on a day when red remembrance poppies are involved. So that's a no from me.