30 November 2016

Royal State Visit of the Day: November 30

While the Belgians were arriving for a visit to their Dutch neighbors on Monday, the Spanish were doing the same with their Portuguese neighbors. Queen Letizia arrived in a repeat of an outfit first worn in 2012; we're going to skip right to the evening stuff, because we can.

One of my favorite Letizia gowns - this divine black Carolina Herrera - made the trip, which is delightful. Alas, her tiara did not manage to make the trip. That's not at all surprising; everyone has their own rules for which kinds of events warrant what kinds of gems, and she's following in some more cautious footsteps when it comes to bringing out the full glitter. Doesn't mean the look doesn't still feel a bit unfinished to me, at a white tie event with orders where many would go full gala, though.
House of HM the King
(For the record, she did wear her diamond wedding earrings, diamond bracelet, and diamond brooch. Which is more diamonds than I'll ever have, right there.)

White tie did equal a tiara for someone else:
The Duke and Duchess of Braganza were in attendance at the banquet, and the Duchess gave us the tiara we needed. This one is a convertible necklace, a nicely sized choice for the evening.

Night two brought some more gems, yay! These emerald and diamond earrings are an interesting pick because they come from Queen Sofia's jewel collection. The earrings are part of a set that includes an emerald and diamond necklace, and Sofia wore these pieces to Felipe and Letizia's wedding. Letizia has borrowed the set in the past.
House HM the King
They were the perfect choice to complement her repeated Felipe Varela dress. She does look great in green, doesn't she? She should have an emerald tiara to not wear.