08 November 2016

Tiara Watch of the Day: November 8

We saw King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima land in Australia last week. This week, their state visit tour moves on to New Zealand. And there's a tiara...

Queen Máxima arrived in a repeated green animal print Givenchy dress. I meant to cover this dress when she debuted it but I don't think I ever got around to it, so I'm glad to have a chance to say that this is excellent.
Givenchy dress

Speaking of excellent! Máxima never fails to suit up for a state banquet.
She's worn this Claes Iversen gown before, and here she's pinning a diamond brooch on the shoulder and the mini Order of the Netherlands Lion pin on the opposite (tricky gown to combine with orders, since they're generally supposed to be worn on a particular side).

This is only the second time we've seen her wear Queen Emma's Diamond Tiara, I think. Another tricky thing to do, wear a tiara with one's hair down. Unless you do it this way, which is perfect.