13 December 2016

Year in Review: 2016's Royal Highlights

All I can say for 2016 is this: thank goodness for tiaras. (And for birthdays, and christenings, and wee princes, and tea parties...) We're going to celebrate some of the good stuff that 2016 had to offer as we wrap up another year, starting with these highlights to make you smile:

King Harald V Marks 25 Years on the Throne
Jørgen Gomnæs / Det kongelige hoff
Anything that gives us new formal portraits and events with royal ladies with floral wreaths as headgear is worth some smiles.

Double the Swedish Christening Fun
Mattias Edwall, Kungahuset.se
The Swedish royal baby boom produced two new princes and two new family christenings this year, always delightful occasions filled with loads of hat-ish creations and a few sartorial experimentations.

Queen Elizabeth II Turns 90
QEII gathered her whole family for a service celebrating her ninetieth year, which also ended up being a delightful occasion filled with loads of hat-ish creations and a few sartorial experimentations.

King Carl XVI Gustaf Turns 70
Peter Knutson/Kungahuset.se
Meanwhile, the Swedes continued to kill it by inviting royal friends (and their royal tiaras) to celebrate King CG's seventieth. I do love a big fat royal gathering.

Prince George Meets POTUS
Kensington Palace
Prince George met President Obama while wearing his most dapper in toddler bedtime attire. Do I need to justify this pick on my year end list? No, no I do not.

Princess Madeleine Throws a Tea Party
Kate Gabor/Kungahuset.se
DITTO. Princess Madeleine turned her princess volume up to eleven to invite some children with serious illnesses over to the palace for a tea party. It was and it is my very favorite tiara watch of all time, and an ultimate highlight of 2016.

What was your favorite 2016 royal event?