22 December 2016

Year in Review: 2016's Tiara Happenings

All I can say for 2016 is this: thank goodness for tiaras. Yeah, I said it when we started this little wrap up, and I'm gonna say it again. There were few new things, but there were several unexpected things, and that's fun enough. (If you feel like wasting some time studiously reviewing the whole year in tiaras, click here to see all of the tiara appearances mentioned on the blog in 2016.)

Mary's New Old Tiara
We'd seen it as a necklace in past years. Many wondered if it could be a tiara. And then Crown Princess Mary kindly answered our questions by debuting her Diamond, Ruby, and Spinel Necklace Tiara at a gala in March this year. (And then for a state visit, and a Vogue photoshoot. New toys are fun.)

One International Tiara Gathering
Peter Knutson/Kungahuset.se
All those tiaras in one room, talk about a happy place. The year just doesn't feel complete until we get a bunch of tiaras together, you know? Thanks to King Carl Gustaf for making it happen in April.

The British Diplomatic Reception
This photo. Just...this photo. A usually secretive event gives us a glimpse inside, and another opportunity to see the Duchess of Cambridge in the Cambridge Lover's Knot Tiara. What's not to love?

The Nobel Tiara Switcheroos
More Cameo pieces for Victoria, the Connaught (as a tiara and - even more rare - as a necklace) for Madeleine, plus two new-to-her tiaras for Sofia! Once again, the Swedes did not disappoint in their big December show.

And This Year's Tiara MVP: Queen Mathilde!
Do you realize how many state visits King Philippe and Queen Mathilde crammed in this year? Four! Mathilde used those opportunities to display pretty much every tiara option she has (not counting the Spanish Wedding Gift Tiara and all its question marks): November in the Netherlands in the full version of the Nine Provinces Tiara, October in Japan in the Wolfers Necklace Tiara, hosting Jordan in May in the bandeau of the Nine Provinces Tiara, hosting Germany in March in the Laurel Wreath Tiara. Plus, she used the Laurel Wreath as a necklace during the Dutch visit, and she wore the Wolfers again in Sweden for King CG's birthday. And the fact that many of these were state visits to other monarchies means many more tiaras came out to play. Bless her sparkly soul! I hereby dub her the Most Valuable Player in the 2016 tiara game. 

What were your tiara highlights for 2016?