20 December 2016

Year in Review: Crown Princess Mary and Crown Princess Victoria's Best of 2016

Certain events are basically just guaranteed to make the best of the year list, you know what I mean?

Crown Princess Mary
The Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Denmark attended the annual New Year's gala banquet in January.
Mary's year always starts on a high note, and then it's up to the rest of the twelve months to try and beat her most formal appearance of the year. This one wasn't beatable. It's a classic Mary outfit, taking a previously worn ensemble (and a previous yearly best) and reinventing it by pairing her Jesper Høvring skirt with a blue velvet top and her Danish Ruby Parure. So dramatic, so good.

Crown Princess Victoria
The Crown Princess and the Swedish royal family attended the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony in December.
Similarly, it's always up to the Nobel Prize appearance to best whatever Victoria wore the rest of the year, and it so often does. This is a classic Victoria outfit, a custom gown by H&M done in sustainable materials, and making the best of pieces of the Cameo Parure and the Cut Steel Tiara. So dramatic, so good.

Which outfits make your best of 2016 list for Mary and Victoria?