16 December 2016

Year in Review: Queen Letizia, Queen Máxima, and Queen Mathilde's Best of 2016

It's the queenly edition of our best of 2016 today. It is also the excellent designer-to-queen pairing edition of our best of 2016 list. This is no coincidence.

Queen Letizia
The Queen of Spain attended the 25th Annual FEDEPE Awards in July.
I wasn't sure what to pick for Letiza's best of the year. She wore a lot of good stuff, including some repeats that have made my previous year end best lists, but we're looking for standouts here. (Zero tiaras for Letizia this year, by the way. You know I'm keeping score.) So when in doubt for Letizia's best of the year, I seem to default to the sublime simplicity of an all white outfit or to a Carolina Herrera outfit. Put the two together, and ta-daaaaaa, here we are.

Queen Máxima
Governor-General of New Zealand Facebook
The King and Queen of the Netherlands attended a state banquet during their November state visit to New Zealand.
Prinsjesdag is often my best of the year for Máxima, but it didn't do it for me this year. A repeated Claes Iversen dress did! More than the dress, though, it's one of the best appearances of tiara + hair down I've seen, and one of the best appearances of Queen Emma's Diamond Tiara ever. Gorgeous.

Queen Mathilde
The King and Queen of the Belgians hosted a return concert during their November state visit to the Netherlands.
Máxima and Mathilde often share one designer. Sharing a second - Jan Taminau made this dress for Queen Mathilde - is an even better idea. I say again, gorgeous. (Plus, there's a sneaky second tiara for the state visit in the form of her Laurel Wreath Tiara as a necklace here. Bonus points shall always be awarded for that.)

What are you picking as the best of 2016 for these three queens?