20 January 2017

Royal Outfit of the Day: January 20

It's funny how an outfit that starts out as a combination of such basic, solid pieces...

King Felipe and Queen Letizia visited an international tourism fair this week.
...can turn into a world of NOPE by the time you finish scrolling. This is where people like to jump in and say but she's on trend!, as though being trendy automatically means that the outfit is well executed, and I'm gonna argue here that this is just not a great adaptation of the whole cropped pant + boot thing. The length of the pant leg and the height of the boot fight with each other when she moves; either the pant gets caught on the boot, or you can see just a sliver of leg underneath, which feels unintentional. If she was going for seamless, she needed a taller boot. Or, you know, to wear these pieces in an entirely different fashion. That would've worked too.
Boots from Uterqüe, purse from Adolfo Domínguez