30 January 2017

Royal Outfit of the Day: January 30

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King Felipe and Queen Letizia hosted a reception for foreign ambassadors last week.
Another daytime long dress occasion, another repeat for Letizia. That tends to be the way she works these things. She wore this Felipe Varela dress to the same event back in 2013 with her hair down. I don't need to tell you that I celebrate the addition of an updo this time around. That's what I have my #TeamUpdo shirt for.

House of HM the King
You know what this dress reminds me of? Crown Princess Mary's recent Etro dress. (Sure, you nod, if by "reminds me of" you mean "is completely different from".) See, Mary's dress did the architectural thing with its print; Letizia's does it with its lace. It builds cornices across the top and trims out the sides and bottom, with a medallion plonked right in the center. My only hesitation here is that the variation between lace with and without the red fabric behind it is a little distracting. OR IS IT? You tell me.