31 January 2017

Royal Outfit of the Day: January 31

Prince Albert, Princess Charlene, Prince Jacques, and Princess Gabriella joined in the ceremonies for the Feast of Sainte Dévote last week.
At first, I wondered if Princess Charlene had taken a dangerous step back to her days of blergh, where it seemed like her wardrobe was equally divided between beige and black and everything looked the same. *sighs deeply* *looks off into the distance* Those were dark days, my friends.

Then I saw the full length, and it turns out that she did not forget to add at least one feature of interest to her ensemble. I, unlike many of you, quite enjoy a funky hem situation, and this Akris number is getting there. Anyway, who's looking at the outfits on the balcony when those two cheeky munchkins are involved, right? Save it up for the cathedral appearance. I suppose I can't argue with that strategy. (It's not really an argument to recommend a proper color for next time, is it?)