24 January 2017

Royal Outfits of the Day: January 24

Two dark outfits, two lingering questions:

Crown Princess Mary had a day of engagements last week.
A solid working outfit, with the typical Mary addition of some subtle color interest in the accessories (her purse, which isn't shown here, matched her shoes). The question: blouse sleeves below jacket sleeves, yay or nay? Usually a nay for me, and yet maybe they're the right touch for this outfit.

The Countess of Wessex attended an engagement on her 52nd birthday last week.
The dress, I love - edging toward a polka dot print, just a little bit playful. The question, though, is the layer on top: a simple cardigan, yay or nay? It's maybe a bit too casual for me, even on an outfit that's not terribly formal in the first place.

Such crucial questions, I know. Really the weight of the world resting on this stuff. Be sure to weigh in.