04 January 2017

Royal Redo of the Day: January 4

Well, well, well. Just last year, I was singing the praises of one of my favorite Crown Princess Mary ensembles; this year, we discover she's been up to her old dress renovation antics.

There are two days of New Year receptions for various groups in Denmark, and the formal dress code means that Crown Princess Mary has several outfits in her closet tailored to this event. (It's a modern court dress, really, where a long skirt is needed - but because these are daytime events, there are no tiaras and many evening gowns don't fit the bill.) One of my favorites was this silvery blue number with a short jacket from Heartmade, first worn in 2008 and repeated again in 2010, 2012, and 2013.

I guess she reached the repeat limit, because yesterday...
...she revealed a remodeled version with the top swapped out for a soft blue blouse and no jacket. I'm not gonna lie, I have some mixed feelings about seeing a personal favorite subjected to the scissors, but it does look excellent this way too. I'm just also hoping that it can still be worn the other way, or at least with a different top and the three-quarter sleeve jacket again.
See video from Billed-Bladet here. The Danish royal court has also put a couple videos on their Facebook page.