25 January 2017

Tiara Watch of the Day: January 25

Three cheers for Denmark, who kicked off the royal state visits of 2017 extra early this year by welcoming the President of Iceland yesterday. Three cheers and four tiaras, because state visits mean state banquets:

Queen Margrethe (Prince Henrik was also present, though not pictured here)
Queen Margrethe wore the golden Naasut Tiara for the second time, along with its accompanying earrings. The set was a gift from Greenland for her 40th jubilee in 2012, making it a very geographically appropriate pick for the evening. I find that I have the same issue with this tiara as I have with Sweden's Cut Steel Tiara: I think it would be better paired with other metal pieces or with opaque stones, rather than diamonds and other sparkling gems. (Sash check: Queen Margrethe and the rest of the Danish royal family are wearing the blue sash of Iceland's Order of the Falcon.)

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary
Crown Princess Mary sure does like her new Diamond, Ruby, and Spinel Necklace Tiara, huh? (Is it possible that I'm starting to miss her Wedding Tiara? Surely not...) Anyway, she brought back an old Oscar de la Renta tiered skirt and paired it with a lace top, a contrast in textures that I can't quite love.

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie
I'd like a chance to get to miss Princess Marie's Diamond Floral Tiara, but no such chance has been provided. Her dress is tremendously sparkly and also a little confusing; I think what first appeared as the most ineffectual peplum of all time is part of a tiered skirt situation, but it was hard to tell even in motion. Hmm. (Ineffectual Peplum, by the way, is my new band name.)

Princess Benedikte
I may have saved the best for last here, because Princess Benedikte is probably my pick for the evening's best dressed. Sporting Queen Sophia's Star and Pearl Tiara, her red dress picked up on the small red and white stripe running down the side of her Icelandic sash. The perfect touch to tie the whole thing together, no?

Photos: DR and Billed-Bladet screencaps