15 February 2017

Royal Gown of the Day: February 15

We talk about a lot of gowns here, but it's still pretty rare for us to get a legit ball gown in action. I'm talking one of those sweeping skirt, let's-go-waltzing kind of things, you know?

The Prince and Princess of Monaco attended the 2017 Laureus World Sports Awards in Monaco yesterday.
I would not have pegged sleek Charlene to be the one to give us a proper ball gown, I must say, but I am HERE FOR IT. Especially a Carolina Herrera red ball gown, of all things. (This is not so far from another Herrera red gown that I've admired for a long time, so I am admittedly even more biased than usual.) (I also can't be the only one noting the similarity between this and one of Crown Princess Mary's all time great gowns, that red Uffe Frank from her pre-wedding gala, which means you might as well triple my bias level.)

Red silk faille off-the-shoulder v-neck dress from Carolina Herrera
Princess Charlene opted for long, skinny earrings for her glam appearance, and my one note - because you  knew there'd be one - is that I think this could have handled a wider, more substantial earring. My love for the skirt, however, far outweighs that note. Do you have notes, or are you sold?