17 February 2017

Royal Outfit Grab Bag of the Day: February 17

A feast of leftovers to round out your week:

Queen Máxima attended a dinner last week during the annual working visit she and King Willem-Alexander make to Germany.
I see you trying to distract me with your magnificent diamond necklace, Máxima, but it will not work: I know you're sporting a formal jumpsuit with an elastic waist. It may have a cape back and it may be Valentino, but still. I see you.
Valentino Cape-Back Silk Jumpsuit, per ModekoninginMaxima
Most of their trip was solid repeats for our Máx, which is why we haven't paid the trip much attention here. ParisMatch has a gallery of every outfit she wore in Germany, should you be so inclined.

Princess Madeleine opened the 'Room for Children' at the Southbank Centre's 'Imagine' Children's Festival in London on Tuesday.
I guess I haven't had the opportunity to yell about SHOOTIES much lately, so...there's that. (SHOOTIES - the caps lock is important - is my generic term for any boot-ish thing of this nature that chops the line of the leg in such a brutal fashion, you see.)
Miu Miu boots worn with a Vilshenko blouse and a Valentino skirt, per Swedish Royal Fashion
All of these pieces have great potential. Let's try again. In three separate outfits, pretty please.

Queen Letizia and King Felipe attended the 'El Valor Economico del Espanol' conference on Monday.
PALATE CLEANSER. (Kind of a familiar palate cleanser, actually. Anybody else remember Queen Rania during her 2015 trip to Spain? I suspected it would be better without Rania's distracting shoe choice,and so it is.)