07 February 2017

Royal Outfits of the Day: February 7

A pair of looks from birthday girl Mary (she just turned 45!) for your consideration:

Crown Princess Mary opened Copenhagen Fashion Week last week.
Mary has a tendency to go "edgy" when fashion week comes around, which is understandable. ("Edgy" of course means barely that in most royal cases, this one included.) I think the YDE Copenhagen coat is meant to be the story here, though I find the pairing with this particular white blouse to be the distraction.

She also presented an award for the Cancer Society.
An off the shoulder bell sleeve top is not something I would've fallen for on description alone, AND YET - here we are. Whereas the fashion week appearance was a bit overloaded, this is divinely simple. She's playing towards the boho sleeve detail with her necklace choice, but I think it could be even more sophisticated with statement earrings instead. Yay or nay, huh?
Iris & Ink top (h/t to European Royals Fashion)