17 March 2017

Royal Hats of the Day: March 17

I could do with ending all our weeks with some lovely brimmed hats. Let's work on that, royals.

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Carl Philip attended a wreath laying ceremony commemorating Swedish volunteers in the Winter War.
It's very simple, this ensemble with the white Ida Sjöstedt coat. When you have a combo as classic as navy and white, you don't really need anything else, do you? Don't ask me, I'm just the girl that bought a navy and white striped scarf she didn't need earlier this week.

The Duchess of Cornwall attended Ladies' Day at the Cheltenham Festival.
How nice of Camilla to include a most appropriate green chapeau for our review this week. The unusual color of this hat is so striking, and the shape makes it one of the best in Camilla's wardrobe. And you just know that somewhere out there, Queen Máxima is sending up the hat signal and ordering one of her own. (Maybe brown accessories for Cams, though? Well, and a different coat, but that's another story.)

Zara and Mike Tindall attended day 3 of the Cheltenham Festival.
I'm game for anything that can be worn at a rakish angle, let it be known. Pretty much game for any kind of fur collar/fur scarf business, too. Double win! Really, Zara's looked great every day at Cheltenham.

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