08 March 2017

Royal Outfit Grab Bag of the Day: March 8

I'd classify these outfits in the "everyday" category, as far as royal work looks go. Let's see how they played it:

Crown Princess Victoria opened the Baltic Sea Future congress on Monday.
Nicely navy, a decent conference look for anyone. I'll take that bag, please and thank you. (Also: Victoria's back! This was her first public appearance since December, after an extended family holiday.)

The Countess of Wessex had a day of engagements in Staffordshire yesterday.
Royal Family
I fear our fair Sophie is succumbing here to the lumbar support look, a serious downfall to the thick folded effect at the belt of this repeated Alexander McQueen jacket.

Queen Máxima visited a horticultural company yesterday.
I see Máxima's commitment to pushing the limits of horrific bug brooches hasn't died. She doesn't need a horticultural visit to make it happen, but she's not going to let that opportunity pass her by, either. {shudder}