14 March 2017

Royal Outfits of the Day: March 14

Plenty of royals hit the streets (and/or the palace hallways, I guess) last week on International Women's Day. Let's check in with a few of them, shall we?

Crown Princess Mary attended a concert in celebration of International Women's Day.
A military jacket with floral embroidery? SIGN ME UP. And unlike many of the super-detailed things I fall in love with that turn out to be thousands of dollars, this one's from Zara. Nice.

The Duchess of Cornwall hosted a reception at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the Women of the World Festival.
Clarence House
Perfect color choice, and a pretty great dress for her. That's Gillian Anderson she's greeting there, by the way.

Queen Máxima attended an event for the Single SuperMom Foundation.
Outfits of all one sparkly fabric and giant draped shawls basically kick the door to Golden Girls territory wide open (which might actually have been its own appropriate tribute here, come to think of it) but this Jan Taminiau ensemble works completely on a modern scale. A bit of chic, here.

Queen Mathilde and King Philippe received the Women of Peace at the palace.
Belgian Monarchy
We haven't featured Mathilde in a while, so here she is. You will not be surprised to learn that she's still going about her gently elegant business. The updo game is strong here.