15 March 2017

Royal Sleeves of the Day: March 15

Cover your soup bowls, this could get messy.

The Countess of Wessex is visiting Malawi with the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust.
Royal Family
How did Sophie get to this Valentino dress before Princess Madeleine or Crown Princess Mette-Marit did? It's a question for the ages. Would not have pegged this as a Sophie dress; would also not have expected to love it this much, so that's a pleasant surprise all around. I hope she wears it again so we can see more of it.
Valentino dress per the Countess of Wessex Blog, where you can follow the whole trip

King Felipe and Queen Letizia presented accreditations to the new Spain Brand Honorary Ambassadors yesterday.
Letizia loves her trends, we know this to be true, and yet I wouldn't have pegged her as one to dig into the current bell sleeve trend. With a double bell sleeve, no less, and a bow blouse for good measure. I think this jacket might be wearing her, and not the other way around. At the very least, I don't think it looks at its best when standing still, which seems a pretty basic thing to ask of an outfit. Right?