02 March 2017

Tiara Thursday: The Tiaras of Queen Letizia

Programming Note: We'll return on Monday!

Just as I was thinking that we ought to have a little Letizia tiara retrospective, she goes and adds another one to the pile. How considerate! Let's see what we've got here, so far (as always, clicking the tiara name will take you to its full story)...

Her wedding tiara, and her constant tiara companion for the first several years of her marriage. She's swapped favorites of late, a decision I wholly support, though I would like to see her give this one another twirl with her current updo game.

Then-Princess Letizia wore this just once. I'm always intrigued when things are debuted and not worn again. You can add this to the pile of things that should be tried with her current hairstyles.

This has become her recent favorite, and I can't argue with that one bit. It's a classic and beautiful jewel, a perfect example of the reasons why floral tiaras have always been popular.

We also haven't seen this one since its debut (and the debut itself was a long time coming), but Queen Letizia hasn't had a lot of tiara occasions since then. If she wants to use it for another foreign event before bringing it at home, perhaps she'll consider the couple's upcoming state visit to Japan.

And finally, what is already my tiara moment of the year - unless someone wants to take a crack at beating it, in which case, BRING IT ON.

Which do you think Letizia wears best?