03 April 2017

Monday Tidbits for April 3: Patterns and Snowy Delights

Let's kick this week off right:

--Here's a precious snowy moment from three generations of Bhutan's monarchy: "Our April calendar features this photograph of His Majesty The King and His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo, enjoying a special moment in the unexpected March snow with His Royal Highness The Gyalsey." [Yellow.bt]

--More developments last week in the messy case of Delphine Boël, who claims that she is the illegitimate daughter of Belgium's King Albert II. She's been seeking legal recognition of her paternity claims, but her case was rejected. Her lawyers say she will appeal. [Flanders News]

--Princess Beatrix doesn't often wear trousers on official duty, but when she does, they're kicky and patterned and 100% matching.

--Over at the Jewel Vault, a look back at the 1986 state visit between the U.K. and Spain, and a pair of diamond earrings I would so very much like to see more often.

--And finally, some earrings I'd rather not see more often (which, as you know, is a very strange thing for me to say). The problem with green amethyst, I decided last week when the Duchess of Cambridge visited the National Portrait Gallery in a pair of Kiki McDonough earrings of green amethyst and pink tourmaline, is that it turns a dull shade of army green when backed by a curtain of dark hair. [Hello]

Coming up this week: Family style at a confirmation in Denmark, and another state visit for our delight when Spain hits Japan.

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