30 April 2017

Royal Birthday of the Weekend: Máxima and Letizia at Willem-Alexander's 50th Birthday Party

Our special weekend coverage of King Willem-Alexander's 50th birthday celebrations continues with the private party held Saturday night. What we've been allowed to see of that party, that is.

After celebrating with the public during the week, Saturday was reserved for private festivities - a sports day on the beach and a party in the evening - with family and friends, including several members of foreign royal families. They did indeed keep things very private, but the royal house released two photographs of the King and his family at the party.
RVD/Jeroen van der Meyde
One, a charming family shot that shows Queen Máxima in a red, possibly a one-shouldered, gown and some grown up looks for the girls - including Amalia wearing one of her mother's old coats. Máxima accessorized with diamond jewels, including diamond and ruby earrings that she's worn often in recent years and which are flexible in length.

RVD/Jeroen van der Meyde
And two, the lovebirds dancing the night away in a snap that very sweetly echoes a photo of the couple taken at their pre-wedding party. We can't see much of Máxima's gown here, but I think there's a lot of promise in it. Judgement shall await its inevitable reappearance.

Máx wasn't the only lady in red on the big night. Most of the guests remained shielded from media view, except for King Felipe and Queen Letizia, who stayed at a nearby hotel and were spotted leaving for the party. Honestly, though? If I was a queen who was looking this good, I'd go running through the streets in search of the nearest group of photographers.
I mean, WHOA. This gown is a red version of a white Stella McCartney gown worn by Karlie Kloss to the 2017 Oscars (really unusual designer selection for Letizia, in that case). She's paired it with fabulous ruby and diamond earrings she's worn before, and the two large bracelets of the "joyas de pasar" stacked on one arm.

WHOA. What else can I say? This gown is so exactly in Letizia's wheelhouse. Red is obviously her color, it gives her the perfect canvas for the major earrings she loves these days, and the modern twist of stacking those two large bracelets on one arm has never worked better (some of you weren't convinced when she did it in Japan; here, they act as a balance for the asymmetrical cape). This might be the epitome of Queen Letizia Style. And it is, without a doubt, a new entry into her own Sartorial Hall of Fame.