28 April 2017

Royal Birthday of the Weekend: Willem-Alexander and Máxima at his 50th Birthday Dinner

On Friday evening, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima continued his 50th birthday celebrations with a special dinner at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. The couple dined with 150 people that shared the King's birthday and were celebrating a "jubilee" year themselves (every five years: 40, 45, etc.). Cute idea, right? People certainly agreed; around 11,500 signed up for the lottery to get an invite, when national statistics showed only around 8,000 were actually eligible.

For the hottest ticket in town, one needs a major outfit. Never fear, Máx is here:
Queen Máxima donned another Jan Taminiau couture masterpiece for the dinner, this one in my very favorite color. So, you know... {INSERT JUMPY CLAPS HERE}

For Prinsjesdag in 2015, the Queen wore a Taminiau dress inspired by the Japanese room at Huis ten Bosch Palace. That same setting apparently inspired this dress design as well (see here on Twitter, from ModeKoninginMaxima). It's a work of art, and I can only repeat what I said back then: having a dress made in the theme of a room from one of your many residences should really be the dictionary definition of couture.

NOS screencap. See video/article here.
You know we wouldn't (and she wouldn't) forget the jewels. Big earrings and a pair of bracelets were a must, and while it may not have been a tiara occasion, Máxima still blinged it up by adding a pair of diamond wheat ears to her hair. Jumpy claps on jumpy claps!