17 April 2017

Royal Holiday of the Week: Easter in Windsor

It was the most colorful of times, it was the most blergh of times this weekend for the annual Easter Sunday church parade to St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. Queen Elizabeth II led her family in vibrant turquoise, which we've covered in full at the Jewel Vault. The blerghs, however, were also represented.

The Duchess of Cambridge, making her first appearance at Windsor Castle Easter, was basically the blerghiest blergh that ever blerghed in cream Catherine Walker and a pillbox hat with the Queen's Silver Jubilee Diamond and Pearl Earrings. But still, her tidy tailored look remains a number of levels above the rest of the ladies on the pale end of the color spectrum. It's a shame, because Princess Eugenie's repeated wrinkled Burberry is such a promising twist on a traditional trench, and Princess Beatrice's overcooked look doesn't give her interesting accessory choices their proper due. (I don't like not liking a purple look. It pains me.)

A simple coat in a flattering color will almost always do the trick, as the Countess of Wessex displays. (With 13-year-old Lady Louise by her side, deftly bridging the gap between kid outfits and adult ones.)

And a simple coat in an even brighter flattering color will also nab you my Easter Best Dressed Award. Autumn Phillips for the win, kids. (For more of the Windsors at Easter, including the Princess Royal and a bunch of dudes in suits, here's a gallery.)