21 April 2017

Royal Outfit Grab Bag of the Day: Kate and Victoria Take Requests

Ask, and we shall receive. (Sort of. Sometimes. Okay, practically none of the times.)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry opened The Global Academy yesterday.
If you've ever wished that more royal ladies would dress like characters from The Good Wife (well, I've heard a lot of cries for more suits anyway), has Kate got a treat for you! This Armani Collezioni red skirt suit is very smart, very professional. She suited up when the royal men did not, how's that for a change of pace?

Crown Princess Victoria undertook an official trip to Japan this week.
While we're answering requests, my hope that this generation of Swedish princesses would do a little more digging in Queen Silvia's closet has paid off in a most unexpected fashion. As The Royals and I pointed out, this polka dot dress was originally worn by Silvia in 1980 and could easily pass for a current design on Victoria today (in fact, as Sarah also noted, it's pretty similar this current Gucci design. The 1980s version is a fresher look than the new one, even...). What's old really is new again.