31 May 2017

Royal Hairdo of the Day: Queen Letizia and her Ponytail

We've seen a lot of calls for Queen Letizia to bring back the bob lately. The razor-sharp short haircut she debuted back in 2015 really suited her; the infusion of swagger that came with it suited her even more. And now the hair is longer, and it feels like she's trying to bring that edginess without the scissors.

Yesterday: The King and Queen of Spain celebrated the 60th anniversary 
of Europa Press.
If hair bubbles are what you'd consider edgy, that is. Let's just bring back the bob, Letizia.

Okay, in fairness to La Reina, I can see how looking like this in a dress like that would put you in the mood to try something a little saucy with the rest of the look. It's Nina Ricci, and after Crown Princess Mary's affirmation yesterday - by the by, yesterday's post got a late update with day 2 of that Scandinavian lovefest - this serves only to further cement my love of an interesting hemline.

Dress from Nina Ricci Fall 2017 RTW
Seriously, though: let's think about bringing back that bob.