18 May 2017

Royal Style Twins of the Day: Stéphanie at the Cannes Film Festival

The Hereditary Grand Duke and Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg attended the opening gala of the Cannes Film Festival yesterday.
You have to glam it up for Cannes, right? Princess Stéphanie knows how it's done. One of her best looks right here. This white Ralph Lauren dress also featured in a recent sartorial highlight for another royal, so it's a tried and true choice.

Ralph Lauren/Polar Music Prize Instagram
Crown Princess Victoria wore this dress to the Polar Music Prize last summer, and it was one of her best 2016 outfits. Part of what makes these twin appearances so fabulous is that both used the dress as a canvas for a major jewelry statement: a huge shoulder necklace from the H&M Conscious Collection for Victoria, and the debut of a serious pair of earrings for Stéphanie.

A pink-toned stone surrounded by lines of diamonds! Quick, get my fainting couch. And the number for those jewel thieves.