12 May 2017

Royal Trip of the Day: The Duchess of Cambridge in Luxembourg

The Duchess of Cambridge made an official visit to Luxembourg yesterday, marking the anniversary of the 1867 Treaty of London. She was accompanied by Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie and later also by Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, and met with the grand ducal family.
Kensington Palace
It's a new Emilia Wickstead coatdress for Kate. Technically new, let's call it, because if you feel like you've seen it before, you'd also be correct. The whole look is absolutely lovely. Yawningly lovely, though, if we're being honest. I'm just trying to curate an interesting Royal Coat Museum here, guys.
Kiki McDonough
Perhaps I should focus my attentions instead on her burgeoning Kiki McDonough Museum, for we have a new addition to the collection in the form of these blue topaz and diamond pendant numbers.

Or maybe we could just borrow Stéphanie's choice for this portion of the coat exhibition, pep it up a bit. This red dress manages to look pretty good in almost all the motion shots, which is a high achievement for a garment filled with ruffles.
Satin-backed crepe dress by Paule Ka (h/t to Heaven)
On the Stéphanie scale, this rates pretty high. It's a fabulous color for her, and a good move to turn it up for an engagement with many more degrees of exposure than her usual events.

Every kind of duke and duchess you could ever need (L to R): Princess Alexandra, the Hereditary Grand Duchess, the Grand Duke, the Duchess of Cambridge, the Grand Duchess, and the Hereditary Grand Duke
Kensington Palace
Are those yellow shoes on Princess Alexandra? Between that and her hilarious refusal to face the camera straight on - girl knows her angles better than the rest of them, or maybe that's just the direction to head for snacks - she might be the most interesting part of this shindig.