30 May 2017

Royal Trip of the Day: Frederik & Mary & Victoria & Daniel in Sweden (UPDATED)

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are currently on a trip to Sweden, where they're heading up a Danish business delegation and are being hosted by Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. Any excuse to hang out with old friends, right?

Starting with a little gathering with the two couples plus Prince Carl Philip on the Danish royal yacht, because if you're going to travel, you might as well travel in style. (While we're talking traveling in style: Fred's blazer, note it.)

Suits all around for the gents and the ladies on Day 1. Victoria tried to liven hers up with red accessories, which is appreciated, but it's still a basic application to the Black n' Blue Suit Club at the end of the day.

And Mary puts a modern spin on the old suit and brooch combo, with great results. She's wearing what appears to be a part of the Ole Lynggaard Leaf Hair Jewel she wore as a hair ornament to King Carl Gustaf's birthday celebration last year - an appropriate choice, as the princess pair were visiting the Ole Lynggaard store in Stockholm.

And for the evening, a repeat of basic Dolce & Gabbana lace for Mary, and something involving a possible swan for Victoria. There's wearing a mural, and then there's letting a mural wear you. This one...is a lot.

UPDATE: Day 2 is in the bag.

Hanging out at the palace with the fam entails florals for everybody. Did somebody not give Queen Silvia the memo? Is she not on the group text? Couldn't we throw in a little lapel accent for the gents, while we're at it? If we're going to do this thing, let's do it.

And then there was the dinner. Victoria didn't just shrug off my mural caution, she jumped even further into the deep end. Everyone else looks like they're in a black and white (and navy) movie, compared to her comic book riot of color. Although Mary is, with a single action shot, proving that my love for an uneven hemline is not misplaced.