13 June 2017

Celeb Style Twins of the Day: Kate's Dress on the Red Carpet

While the Duchess of Cambridge herself was pulling an appropriate suit out from the back of her closet for a visit to King's College Hospital yesterday, another one of her dresses got another appearance - on someone else, somewhere else.

Welcome back, Preen Finella dress! The dress so nice Kate bought it twice now has an electric blue version, modeled by actress Mandy Moore last week at an event promoting This is Us. Have we now seen all the main Finella styling choices? We've got this red carpet styling, with a strappy heel and a little more sass to the strap positioning...

The original royal styling in red from the Cambridge's September Canadian jaunt, with an heirloom brooch, matching red pumps, and an updo...

And the remixed royal styling from November's Place2Be Awards, in black with an added belt, diamond earrings, and a half updo. I have to give Kate credit, actually, for doing her best to style her twin dresses as differently as possible, which is something I didn't really notice until now.

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi dresses
In the race for the best Preen, either vibrant color leaps right over the black, which was hampered by the clunky belt clasp. Knowing Kate's fondness for blue, I'm surprised she didn't get to that one first. Maybe she can work an exchange. (Three of the same cocktail dress would truly be a new level of hilarity.) And maybe throw in some metallic strappy shoes while she's at it. Keep the diamonds, though. Obviously.

What's your preferred styling combo here?