12 June 2017

Monday Tidbits for June 12: Double Anniversaries, Double Greetings

A sweet second meeting and twice the anniversary fun to kick off your week:

--Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik celebrated their golden wedding anniversary at sea aboard the royal yacht, and the royal house shared a photo of the golden couple on Instagram. Henrik also celebrated his 83rd birthday this weekend.

--The Japanese government has enacted a one-time use abdication law so that Emperor Akihito can step down. The transition is not expected to occur until the end of 2018. [Japan Times]

--Also in Japan, Sayako Kuroda (formerly Princess Nori, daughter of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko) and Noriko Senge (formerly Princess Noriko of Takamado) appeared with members of the imperial family at a memorial service recently. As discussion continues over the imperial family's current scarceness of heirs (due to their male-only succession law) and possible upcoming scarceness of working family members (due to the law requiring women to give up their imperial status when they marry commoners), it's a nice reminder that giving up imperial status to marry doesn't mean cutting family ties. [Imperial Family of Japan Blog]

--Here's Prince Harry making people smile in the rain in Sydney, giving a big hug to a 97-year-old Victoria Cross widow he previously met on his Australian trip in 2015. HARRY. [Telegraph]

--And finally, also celebrating a wedding anniversary on social media on June 10, Queen Rania marked 24 years with King Abdullah. (Check out her wedding dress story here!)

Coming up this week: A style twin moment on the red carpet, and more...

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