06 June 2017

Royal Outfit of the Day: Queen Máxima and her Jumpsuit

Her confidence buoyed by a successful sail through Bell Sleeve Bay in the Sea of Roksanda, Queen Máxima next steered her ship straight into the infamous Jumpsuit Triangle. It is a treacherous place where many have lost their way.

Queen Máxima recently opened the 70th Holland Festival in Amsterdam.
And just like that, Jumpsuit Triangle claims another victim. This Roksanda Ilincic colorblock jumpsuit has a pink bib up front and a plunging back accented with a slash of baby blue. The problems here are twofold: 1) This is a stiffly constructed thing. Its wearer moves around like the most fashionably attired mechanic on the block.
2) This is a sculptural thing. It doesn't really fit with aquamarine and diamond brooches (as much as it pains me to say it) or flowing hair. The queen that never met an outfit she couldn't pair with serious royal jewelry may finally have met her match.

Roksanda Ilincic colorblock jumpsuit (h/t to Heaven)
Blauw Bloed screencaps
Pick another direction, Máx. Sail away...