26 July 2017

Readers' Favorite Tiaras, The Rematch: Make Your Nominations

Back in 2011, I asked which tiara was your favorite. I compiled the results of our little poll, and we counted down a list of your top tiaras.

Associated Press via Wikimedia Commons

Ever since then, the #1 request I receive from readers has been to do the favorite tiara vote again. We've covered well over 250 tiaras on the site now, and we've enjoyed a great many more tiara events. Affections change! Plus, you know, it's fun.

So let's do it: Readers' Favorite Tiaras, The Rematch! Answer me this, if you please...

What's your favorite tiara?

Here's how this will work:

Make your nominations right here, and tell me which diadem(s) hold the top spot in your affections.
  • You may name up to five tiaras. (Any more than five, I'll just count the first five you list.)
  • Leave your nominations in the comments on this post. You can also get them to me via Twitter (@orderofsplendor) or via email (orderofsplendor at hotmail dot com).
  • Please try to leave your nominations in a new comment, rather than in a reply to an existing comment. That will help ensure they get counted. (But of course, feel free to use the replies to chat about the sparkly goodness!)
  • Nominations are open until noon, Eastern time, on Tuesday, August 1st.
  • You may also lend your support to other nominations by upvoting the comments of others. These won't be weighted as highly as your own comment with nominations, but they will count.
  • Need inspiration? Take a leisurely scroll through the Jewel Central page, where you'll find allllllll the diadems we've covered so far.

Later, we'll hold a final vote from the top nominated tiaras. And then...we'll have a very sparkly countdown.

Okay, so, tops on your agenda today: sparkly daydreams. Can you handle it??

I'll leave you to your pondering and the blog will return on Monday. Enjoy!

Update: Nominations are now closed! Thanks to all for their submissions. Stay tuned for the final round vote...