19 July 2017

Royal Trip of the Day: The Cambridges Greet Germany

We're picking up right where we left off with the Cambridge Poland/Germany tour: with another case of family and country coordination.

Just like their mix of Poland's flag colors as they started the trip, the Cambridge family left Poland and arrived in Germany in a family palette based on the blue cornflower, one of Germany's national flowers (as is being frequently reported, though several German readers have disagreed with that claim of symbolism. National flowers, even when accurate, are generally a more obscure reference than, say, a flag color).

After arrival, the Duke and Duchess met with the Chancellor.
And also like their arrival in Poland, it was another case of new-but-similar for Kate. She also has this blue Catherine Walker coat in red, a version ordered for another national color nod during the Cambridges' first trip to Canada. We may require an entire display in the Royal Coat Museum, dedicated solely to this coat in every single color of the rainbow. Underneath, there was a matching blue lace dress, and she wore a necklace and earrings from Kiki McDonough to complete the look.

Meanwhile, this little one discovered that there are certain perks to this whole tour thing. Namely, an unlimited supply of fresh posies.

The tour continues in Germany through Friday. Stay tuned...