17 July 2017

The Cambridges in Poland and Germany: Your Open Post

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are heading out and about again, spending this week in Poland and Germany with Prince George and Princess Charlotte in tow. And the visit begins...

...with something we've seen before. Both in terms of tight family coordination, as seen when the whole Cambridge family arrived in Poland for the first leg of the trip...

...and in terms of a favorite silhouette, shown here when the couple met the President and first lady at the Presidential Palace. For the Duchess, this is another outfit that is technically new but which also happens to be so similar to others in her wardrobe that mistaking it for a repeat would be entirely understandable. (It's from Alexander McQueen.) A crisp white suit is never really a bad choice, even though it can be one big *shrug* of a choice.

The outfit did provide some new jewels, a pendant with a red/pink stone surrounded by diamonds, plus a pair of earrings and a ring also in red/pink stones. (Many have guessed rubies, of course, though I note that they're pretty large if so.) Hopefully higher highlights - and more new gems, eh? - are yet to come.

We'll be checking in with tour periodically on the blog. As we've done in the past, we'll also have an open post right here for those of you that want to discuss the whole tour as it happens. You're welcome to use this post throughout; as always, please mind the comment policy and enjoy!