13 July 2017

Tiara Watch: The Spanish State Visit Strikes Again

More tiaras were promised; more tiaras were delivered.

House of HM the King
The second day of a British state visit usually involves a gala banquet for the visiting head of state hosted by the Lord Mayor of the City of London at the Guildhall. This is not the flood of royal tiaras that last night's state banquet was; unlike the state banquet, this is not an event hosted by the royal family. The Queen does, however, send a royal rep to the event.

So the Princess Royal came armed with her most dashing escort (Tim Laurence, of course!), her deepest curtseys, her daintiest diamonds, and the most fairy tale dress in her wardrobe. Doesn't this seem like an uncommonly frilly gown for her? It's just that I always think of her as a no-nonsense type of dresser. It's probably forty years old, knowing Anne. And it.still.works.

The embellished gown really does work well with one of her favorite assembled parures, pieces that weren't made together but they work as a set anyway: her Festoon Tiara, her diamond demi-parure (earrings and necklace) from her parents, and her diamond bow brooch from her brother (all covered here). The diamond brooch took the place of her Royal Family Order for the night; you can see the holes on her sash where the RFO usually goes. She also wore the sash and star of the Order of the Garter, plus the star of her new Spanish order, the Order of Isabella the Catholic.

House of HM the King
(Sidebar on Spanish orders awarded by King Felipe during this visit, for my fellow sash nerds: Here's confirmation that Andrew, Anne, and Harry were all given a grade of the Order of Isabella the Catholic; since they weren't wearing the sashes and only wore the stars, I assume it wasn't the top grade. Only those three because they were the ones that accompanied the royal couple on events outside of the palace. Charles, Philip, and Elizabeth also have Spanish orders, but they were given by Juan Carlos. End sash nerd sidebar.)

Queen Letizia stepped back to her current favorite tiara, the Spanish Floral Tiara. The real story is THOSE EARRINGS. Sapphires and diamonds, and - based on the style - almost certainly a Middle Eastern gift, I'd guess Saudi. They are HEFTY. They are also an entirely wrong match for the natural style of the Floral Tiara, and would have been better off with a different diadem.

House of HM the King
This navy one shoulder gown is, as far as I'm concerned, mainly another device to enable the wearing of the double bracelets of the joyas de pasar on one wrist. See, you have to double up on the bling. Because of balance. A brilliant scheme. Anyway, it's not as in-your-face fabulous as last night's was, but why compete with something that can't be beat? Of course she took a step back tonight. It's still a lovely appearance.

House of HM the King
Also, hey, another tiara! The Lady Mayoress always wears one, and a couple other ladies did as well, which you can see in the group shot above. I have no information to provide here, I am just passing along the bling. As is my duty. *salutes*

Update: The couple's farewell from Buckingham Palace has been covered at the Vault!