07 August 2017

Royal Dress of the Day: August 7

King Felipe, Queen Letizia, and Queen Sofia hosted the annual Balearic Islands reception at the Royal Palace of La Almudaina on Friday.
House of HM the King
Queen Letizia held up her side of this coordinating floral scheme with something a little special: a mantón de Manila (Manila shawl) dress! These traditional embroidered silk shawls came from China through Manila before trade took them to Spain, where they gained dramatic fringed edges and enough popularity to become a cultural symbol. Queen Sofia is a fan of the traditional version (see here), as is Infanta Elena (see here). Letizia carried an all black shawl in 2015 in Denmark, as well as on other occasions.

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Her dress version comes from Juan Duyos, who has used Manila shawls as inspiration in past works. It's gorgeous, and well worth the wait for those that have been anticipating a Duyos creation ever since Letizia and her stylist were photographed leaving the designer's studio earlier this year.

Putting a little twist on tradition seems just the sort of thing that would appeal to this modern queen - and it's not the first time she's had a little fun with the mantón de Manila style. She also has a black and white Lorenzo Caprile skirt from 2004 that pays tribute to the famous shawls.
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Letizia in the skirt at a state banquet for the Philippines in 2007. This was, to date, the only time she has worn the Mellerio Shell Tiara.
Wearing your Manila shawl skirt for a gala dinner for the President of the Philippines? I see what you did there.