03 August 2017

Royal Dress of the Day: Princess Sofia at a Charity Dinner

The final round vote for Readers' Favorite Tiaras: The Rematch is coming at you tomorrow, get ready. Until then...

Look how pretty!
Embed from Getty Images
Princess Sofia attended a charity dinner in BĂ„stad yesterday.
I wonder if this dress would work this well for me and the pizza baby I'm planning on carrying this weekend. Hmm.

And look at those earrings!
I don't often give non-gemstone earrings a thumbs up for an evening event - being of the "if you've got 'em, flaunt 'em" mindset when it comes to jewels, myself - but these are oooooooh so lovely. (And even I can concede that this particular dress would've been a mismatch with anything more formal.)

Sofia's official program is bound to be winding down as she approaches the birth of her second child in September. If she's planning on going out with a bang, I APPROVE.

Cala jersey dress from By Malina and Louise Ribbon Amazon earrings from Charlotte Bonde, h/t to The Royals and I.