02 August 2017

Royal Outfits of the Day: Queen Letizia's Recents

The Spanish royal family's annual summer residency in Palma de Mallorca has begun, and you know what that means: family photocall time! The King, Queen, and daughters Leonor and Sofia posed at Marivent Palace on Monday.

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Given the number of meticulously color-coordinated royal family appearances we've seen in the past few weeks, I'm glad the Spains took a more relaxed approach. And I'm extra glad for the patch of vibrant yellow on Letizia's Mango shirt, just to wake things up a bit.

Anyway, we're overdue for a Letizia update. Just a couple of her more colorful recent selections, I think:

Queen Letizia met with directors of the Cervantes Institute last week.
Letizia loves red and red loves Letizia, but even a seasoned pro in the fiery color department can overdo it. Red shoes + a red purse + this repeated Nina Ricci red dress = a little too much. Even if she did match the organization's color.

Queen Letizia opened the summer courses of the International Music School the week before last.
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She's nearly there with this one, too, with the green bag and green earrings - but the nude shoes saves the day, which is not a thing you really think you'll say, ever. Otherwise? It's a crisply perfect outfit for summer queening.