08 August 2017

Tuesday Tidbits for August 8: 3 Princes, 2 Princesses, 1 Queen

Voting for your favorite tiara closes soon! Have you made your pick? Might be time for a little eeny, meeny, miny, moe...

--The Duke of Edinburgh closed out his solo royal career last week in true Prince Philip style, standing outside in the rain for a parade of Royal Marines. He may still choose to accompany the Queen on engagements from time to time, according to the palace. {Sniff.} [New York Times]
Royal Family

--In, uh, less dignified news from the world of princes: Prince Laurent of Belgium, King Philippe's brother, is in trouble again for unauthorized contact with a foreign government, attending an event for the Chinese army without consulting the Belgian government - despite past warnings over similar behavior. {Sigh.} And you've no doubt heard about Prince Henrik, who's grabbed more worldwide headlines for the Danish monarchy in the past week than I've ever seen...and not in a good way. {SIGH.} [Politico, New York Times]

--Hey, remember that sparkly princess-y gown worn by the Princess Royal during the Spanish state visit? I was wondering how old it was...and sure enough, lovely commenter JNR found it back in 1985. Everything makes sense now.
Video: Malawi state banquet, 1985. Zoom ahead to the royal procession at 6:40.

--Over at the Jewel Vault, QEII's Balmoral break is in full swing, including a meeting with the pony who ate her posy last month.

--And finally, this is a good dress on Princess Marie, no? Nothing better than a crisp white dress in the summer. [Berlingske]

Coming up this week: We'll start digging into the results of your tiara vote, and more...

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