11 September 2017

Monday Tidbits for September 11: More Babies, More Back to School

As Mother Nature continues to dish out her latest beat down - and I hope, wherever you are, you are safe and dry - let's see what else is going on:

--Let's make that safe and dry and cozily wrapped in the finest knitwear, like snug little Prince Gabriel. The first official picture of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia's newborn son was released last week, taken by dad.
Prince Carl Philip/Kungahuset.se

--The Danish royal court announced last week that Prince Henrik has been diagnosed with dementia. The press release stated that the diagnosis came after a long investigation and, most recently, tests in late summer, indicating that things were sorted out after Henrik's outbursts earlier this summer about his place of burial and his desire to be made equal in status to his wife, Queen Margrethe. This news certainly casts those outbursts in a new light; although they were more vociferous than usual, his statements were previously judged by many (myself included) only on the information available at the time, which was that these were complaints he had been repeating for decades. [Washington Post]

--Back to our usual fare now: Queen Letizia repeated that crisply swishy Carolina Herrera dress I like so much, yay! [Vanitatis]
House of HM the King

--And finally, just because it's cute:
Chris Jackson/Kensington Palace

Coming up this week: A Mathilde check in, and more...

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