13 September 2017

Royal Event of the Day: Swedish Royals at the Opening of Parliament

The Swedes are first up in the wave of parliament openings that will carry the collective royal calendar through October, attending the opening of parliament and its associated events yesterday. The ladies follow a black and white dress code for this event (which is kind of a nod to the days when extravagant ermine-trimmed court dress was worn, but which is not something that they've always followed). Real talk, it can get pretty boring, all this black and white, year after year. But I think they did pretty good this year, whaddya say?

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The group attends the day events: Queen Silvia, King Carl Gustaf, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Madeleine.
Now, I have some questions about Queen Silvia's hat, namely, is this Blossom, all grown up? Princess Madeleine's vibe, however, is speaking right to me. I'm giving it the Jackie O seal of approval.

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Likewise, Crown Princess Victoria gets a satisfied nod from my direction. This is how to do a black and white theme with interest, methinks: using a black and white item as a centerpiece instead of just sticking something white on a black outfit like an afterthought. Love.

The family also attended an evening concert for the occasion.
Crown Princess Victoria repeated this vibrant mural of a dress that she wore when Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary came to visit. Apparently the other family members were also present, but who has time for anyone else when we're busy deciphering all the stuff on Victoria's frock?