12 September 2017

Royal Outfits of the Day: The Adventures of Mathilde and Máxima

Queens M&M here, reporting for their sartorial duty, which is obviously to give us some STUFF to talk about:

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 Queen Mathilde and King Philippe attended the reopening of the La Monnaie/De Munt Opera House last week.
Sweet Queen Mathilde. She lulls you into a soothingly oblivious state with her frequent calm and unobjectionable outfits. Yes, yes, more soft pink, that's fine. Carry on. And then, when your guard is down, she blinds you (literally) with a pair of Gold! Velvet! Trousers!
Belgian Monarchy
Clearly we must remain in a state of constant vigilance with this one. On the plus side, now we know what happened to all those sofas tossed when the 70s died.

With her Benelux BFF Máxima, on the other hand, we've already learned our lesson in vigilance. You never know what she'll turn up in. Her bathrobe and shower shoes, even.
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Queen Máxima attended the LOEY Awards 2017 yesterday.
Honestly, though, the way people were talking about this outfit, I expected...more. More Máx-ness. I think it's pretty tame. Sometimes a girl just needs a day in flats, eh? I wouldn't want to see this with a pair of her matching pumps, I know that.
Zeus + Dione maxi dress of textured silk with velvet details (h/t ModeKoninginMaxima)