27 September 2017

Royal Outfits of the Day: Evening Glam for Mary and Marie

Queen Margrethe held a military dinner at Fredensborg Palace on Tuesday evening with Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim, and Princess Marie in attendance. Sure was nice of them to offer up some Danish glam to brighten the middle of our week, wasn't it?

(Brighten being the operative word here.) I think this is the third time we've seen this David Andersen dress, and I'm not tired of it yet. It has every reason in the world not to work; that vibrant combo of bright pink with a purple belt could be cheesy or juvenile, it could be eye-searing. But it's not. It's fun and sophisticated. It works.

Billed-Bladet screencap
Mary was flying solo because Crown Prince Frederik has been on an official visit to China, so she brought along her rubies for companionship, as one does. The brooch from the Danish Ruby Parure got a new positioning (and provided quite a bit of sparkle, see here for video from the arrival), and she also wore the ruby bracelet and a reduced version of the ruby earrings.

Billed-Bladet screencap
For Princess Marie, a new black dress with a bit of sparkle was in order. And an excellent red lip, too. It's a good look for Marie. It's just too bad Mary that used up all the evening's color and didn't leave any for the others to play with. (That's my working theory, at least.)