07 September 2017

Tiara Thursday: Queen Rania's Tiaras

Sound the tiara alarms, another monarchy-to-monarchy state visit has been announced: King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima will welcome King Abdullah and Queen Rania of Jordan to the Netherlands for a state visit in November! It's never too early to start tiara speculation when a multiple tiara occasion is on the books, right?! Right. Of course, there's not much to speculate about on Rania's side of things, because she's worn her smallest tiara for basically everything recently, but a retrospective of all those she's worn can't hurt anyway. It's an interesting bunch! (As always, full stories are linked in the tiara's name for those we have featured.)

My favorite tiara ever worn by Queen Rania is not actually hers and, alas, is no longer worn by her. She borrowed this diamond tiara from her sister-in-law, Princess Haya, and wore it in the early years of King Abdullah's reign. It's such an interesting piece, no? I wish it was worn more often.

A similarly fascinating tiara, this art piece of emeralds in black gold seems so well suited to a queen that puts her own spin on traditional royal gala gear. (Or for a garden nymph of some sort, either way.) It was a loan from Boucheron for a couple outings.

Queen Rania's Diamond Tiara
Embed from Getty Images
It seemed for a while that this diamond tiara (which looks, at least, like it could be a converted necklace) was a new addition to Queen Rania's vault; but with only a few concentrated appearances several years back, I suppose it too could have been a loan.

The Arabic Scroll Tiara
This is the option Queen Rania chose to wear for the last Dutch state banquet she attended. Made for her, Arabic writing is woven seamlessly into the design. It too only has a couple appearances under its belt.

Embed from Getty Images
The smallest of them all is also the only one that has appeared on any sort of consistent basis for the past several years, though Queen Rania does not have many occasions on which to wear a tiara in the first place. And despite me wishing for bigger pieces, always, I can't ever dispute that this suits her and her modern style.

Which Rania tiara is your favorite?