05 September 2017

Tuesday Tidbits for September 5: Babies, Brides, Brooches

When it rains royal news, it pours.

--Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip welcomed their second child, a brother for Prince Alexander, on August 31. On Monday, the King announced the baby's name and title at a cabinet meeting: HRH Prince Gabriel Carl Walther, Duke of Dalarna. The baby's names include tributes to his father's side (Carl and Walther, the name of Queen Silvia's father), while his duchy includes the area in which his mother grew up.
Going home from the hospital

--The Swedish royal family held their traditional Te Deum to celebrate the birth of a new member on Monday as well, solidly coordinating their florals and pinks for the occasion.

--The Japanese imperial court has officially announced the engagement of Princess Mako of Akishino, a granddaughter of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, and Kei Komuro. The 25-year-old bride-to-be said of her betrothed, “I was first attracted to his bright smiles that seemed like the sun." Mr. Komuro, a former university classmate who is also 25, said that in response that the princess “has been quietly watching over me like the moon.” They'll marry in 2018, but not before the summer. [Japan Times]
The couple at the press conference announcing their engagement
FNN screencap

--Big breaking news in Britain: Queen Elizabeth wore a rare brooch! Only the second time she's worn it, after waiting decades to pull it out of the stash she got from Queen Mary.

--And I suppose there was other breaking news out of Britain, too. [BBC]

Coming up this week: A Luxembourg wedding brings gowns and a tiara watch, and more...

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