20 October 2017

Royal Outfits of the Day: Letizia, Victoria, and Rania Get the Blues

A color-coordinated grab bag to wrap up our week:

King Felipe and Queen Letizia attended a concert for the Princess of Asturias awards yesterday.
Letizia clearly heard some of you wondering how her joyas de pasar bracelets would've looked on Máxima with that bold Jan Taminiau dress last week, and she would like you to know that they are TAKEN, thankyouverymuch. Hands off her preciouses. (This Felipe Varela-clad event leads up the annual Princess of Asturias Awards, and we'll be covering that later as always.)

Crown Princess Victoria attended a seminar in connection with the centenary of Finnish independence this week.
Embed from Getty Images
Of all the concerning things about this outfit (and it bears a striking resemblance to my local car wash, so there are a few), the blue tone of the stockings might just be the most alarming. I think, in general, it's wise to avoid the Violet Beauregarde look.

Queen Rania attended a King's Academy event recently.
This might be the most luxe take on a mural dress I've seen, and I might be into it. Yeah. Chalk up another win for Stella McCartney (surprisingly enough).
Stella McCartney V-Neck Cape Dress with sequin embellishment (h/t to Heaven)