06 October 2017

Royal Outfits of the Day: A Swedish Catch Up

We have some recent stuff from the Swedish royal ladies, but first, one that I meant to post about some time ago, and then my attention got predictably dragged elsewhere...

The Swedish royal family attended their annual Sweden Dinner in September.
I think evidence of a bright purple choir robe in action should be documented here, don't you? Queen Silvia's dress is a repeat from Yuki (designer Gnyuki Torimaru). He's known for cutting in a circle and creating sculptural designs with draping from there, which can either end up as a wonder of construction or as...well, as a bright purple choir robe. Or both. Take your pick.

This appearance also needs to be documented here because Queen Silvia wore a new (I believe) pearl necklace with an amethyst centerpiece, and anything involving new amethysts needs its day in the sun. I don't really know what's going on with the shape of that centerpiece, okay, but there it is.

And now to the week at hand:

Crown Princess Victoria attended the opening of the Swedish Church meetings at Uppsala Cathedral on Tuesday.
Embed from Getty Images
This feels like a refreshing color change, no? Very professional. And even a hat (mmm...hat-ish object) to finish out our hat-tastic week. (No fan am I of these not-hat hats, but in this case, it fits the occasion just right.)

Queen Silvia and Princess Madeleine were in New York for the World Childhood Foundation, including a gala on Monday.
Embed from Getty Images
Is that a ruffle on the edge of Princess Madeleine's sleeves, or is she being followed around by a vaguely sinister aura? Better award some pre-Halloween bonus points, just in case.

Crown Princess Victoria in Rodebjer, Queen Silvia in Alexis, Princess Madeleine in Self-Portrait (per UFO No More)