20 November 2017

Princely Event of the Day: National Day in Monaco

It’s Monaco. It’s National Day. (Er, was National Day. Yesterday.) So, you’ve got your hats. Orders and a gala event, but no tiaras. There Will Be Chanel. Let us review:

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Princess Charlene
Princess Charlene’s here to make me twitchy, spending too much time wondering how different (or not different) in shades her hat might be from the lining of the blue velvet Akris coat to the gloves and the shoes. Very different in some pics, not so much in others. Twitchy.

Princess Charlene on the balcony with Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella
Nothing like a couple little rascals to wipe away the twitchiness, well played.

Princess Stephanie, Princess Charlene, Prince Albert, Princess Caroline
Princess Caroline and Co. dressed up for their own little audition scenarios, that’s entertaining. The matriarch herself will be auditioning for the role of an Edwardian governess in Chanel today.

Andrea Casiraghi, Tatiana Santo Domingo, Charlotte Casiraghi, Pierre Casiraghi, Beatrice Borromeo
Up for the role of Couture Eponine, please welcome Charlotte Casiraghi to the stage balcony.

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Ready for her role in an updated Bonnie and Clyde, we have Beatrice Borromeo, who has already stolen my best in show award. Pierre and his mustache can be her Clyde. (I’m guessing he and various other family members have joined Prince Albert in honoring the carabiniers, the palace guard, with their mustaches; the carabineri are celebrating their bicentennial and decided to grow mustaches for the occasion.)

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Charlene closed the day by posing another critical question: Is a peplum on a sleeve the way to kick me out of the evening coat fan club? (Nearly, Char. Nearly.) Then again, Caroline is wearing festive evening arm warmers, so...